TelmyVet, we’re a Canadian company that is passionate about providing the technology so your team can deliver virtual care to your patients and clients.

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in the veterinary and telemedicine field. We are committed to leveraging that expertise to bring high-quality, affordable care to pets everywhere.

Our Mission and Vision

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Our Mission

Providing your veterinary practice and team with the capability of connecting with clients and extending care to patients through the use of innovative virtual care technology.

Our Vision

To create a virtual care ecosystem that empowers the veterinary team with the tools and information to provide continuity of care beyond the physical exam room

TelmyVet is committed to supporting your veterinary practice

Ensure your veterinary team remains the primary care provider for your patients

Provide continuity of care for your patients, peace of mind for your clients and work flexibility for your team

Your veterinary practice is the Brand, TelmyVet works in the background

Create certainty and convenience for your team and clients to connect in your virtual consultation room

A platform that enables you to adapt to the changing needs of your business, team, patients and clients

Who We Are

A virtual care platform designed by Canadian professionals for veterinary practices

We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer support

We are committed to ongoing product development and innovation

Our Team

Tracy Heyland (RVT)

Dr. Heather James

Dr. Chris Armstrong

Dr. Rich Goodwin

Andy McCausland (MBA)

Brian Patel (BA)

Raghbir Badhan (BEng)

Allen Sharrington (MSc)