• Add Virtual consultation rooms to your practice with TelmyVet

    TelmyVet is a veterinary telemedicine and virtual care platform designed for your practice. We provide the technology so your veterinary team can deliver personalized virtual care to your patients and clients. It is more than a video-based communication tool and provides a comprehensive platform for you to easily manage client communications and patient care

TelmyVet enables your clients to access your team’s expertise directly from your website

TelmyVet allows you to easily implement and administer virtual care no matter what your focus:

  • Small Animal
  • Specialty
  • Emergency
  • Equine
  • Large Animal (Mixed Animal)
  • House call

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a group of practices or are a national community of practices to see how our platform can work for you.

We know it takes a team effort to provide the best care for pets

The TelmyVet virtual pet care platform is designed to be a win for your patients, clients, team and practice.

Virtual care helps your team focus on the patient beyond your exam room

Virtual care offers the opportunity to:

  • Initiate earlier intervention
  • Track patient progress
  • Increase access to your care
  • Monitor owner compliance
  • Educate and engage pet owners
  • Accommodate for the needs of specific patients
An opportunity to provide continuity of care through improved communication, education, and monitoring

TelmyVet is passionate about helping you connect with your community

Telemedicine is widely used in the delivery of human healthcare, and it is no surprise that its use is on the rise with millennials and people with busy schedules.

The use of this technology is being adopted in the veterinary profession as there are many barriers that prevent access to in-person veterinary care. In fact, research indicates that over 40 % of pet owners haven’t taken their pets to see a veterinarian for an annual exam. This is especially true for cat owners and pet owners whose pets are fearful and exhibit behavioural issues.

TelmyVet helps your team deliver peace of mind when your patients and pet parents need you most.

Removing barriers to help pet parents connect with your team

TelmyVet is designed to support the veterinary team

Veterinary professionals want to work in a practice where they can make a difference and are empowered with the technology to meet their goals. The incorporation of virtual care opens the door to new opportunities for your team.

Team benefits :

  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Flexibility in how, when and where they work
  • Increased efficiency so they can see more patients
  • Ability to add value to the services they deliver
  • Manage their workload
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Attaining a life-work balance

Is there a role for TelmyVet in your practice?

Pet parents appreciate the convenience of telemedicine and telehealth consultations and are willing to pay for the trusted advice from your team. A virtual consultation provides your clients with peace of mind to discuss their pet’s health and wellbeing.

TelmyVet is a great business proposition :

  • Expand client access beyond your current exam rooms, with hours that work for both your business and clients
  • Attract new clients
  • Provide work flexibility for your team
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce no shows and having to reschedule in person visits
  • Reduce the number of incoming calls
  • Be ready for the next emergency or weather interruption

Is TelmyVet worth it?

To use the calculator, simply adjust the sliders to set the number of appointments and the number of vets at your clinic. The calculator will automatically adjust the subscription rate based on the number of vets you choose, and then calculate the expected annual return.

Please note: The number of vets at the clinic is used to calculate the annual cost of TelmyVet.

Telemedicine in Veterinary Care:

A Growing Trend In Canada